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The law firm of R. Stephen Roberts, P.C. is committed to providing exceptional legal assistance to clients in all State, Superior and Federal Courts throughout the State of Georgia. R. Stephen Roberts is recognized as one of the leading trial attorneys in the State of Georgia. Mr. Roberts has tried over 200 cases to a jury and has handled thousands of criminal cases in both State and Federal Courts. 

R. Stephen Roberts, a former Chief Assistant District Attorney and career criminal trial attorney with 30 years of courtroom experience, has a proven record of success and is consistently successful in obtaining outstanding results for his clients. He was involved in the first case at the trial level in which D.N.A. was admitted as evidence in State v. Redding (1987). 

Mr. Roberts represents any citizen accused of a crime, including many professionals. He works with the leading investigators in the State of Georgia and with the foremost expert witnesses in the preparation and trial of his cases. Mr. Roberts is known for his meticulous trial preparation and utmost attention to detail. He is a member of Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) Legal Referral Service and himself has served as a member of the School Board for the City Schools of Decatur. Mr Roberts represents many professionals, including lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and teachers.

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